How Things Work – Lawn Techs

Training of Lawn Techs 

The lawn tech is a delivery person – they deliver to your home a mix of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides and spread them evenly over your lawn in a confident, safe, efficient and discreet way. They have a lot of training in pesticide safety, emergency procedures, mixing, product information and more.

Confident Service

Lawn techs are trained in turf ecology. Every morning we have a queue meeting where seasonal problems are discussed, what to look for and how to treat them. Lawn techs learn a lot about lawns by observation of problems and the solutions. However, if asked about a specific problem, they will often refer you to the office. They do this not because they don’t know but would rather that information come from a single source. This eliminates a lot of confusion.

Safe Service

Lawn techs are very safe. By law, they receive at least 40 hours training when hired and require an additional one-hour training per year. At APL Lawn Spraying, we have a queue meeting every morning where safety is always a topic.

Efficient Service

Lawn techs are very efficient. At APL, the techs receive seven weeks of one on one training in the field. Every day of training focuses on efficiency – what is the quickest most efficient way to spread the mix over the lawn. At the morning queue meeting, using Google Earth, each property is reviewed – where to park, what gate to use, hot spots and trouble areas.

Discreet Service

Lawn techs are discreet. At APL, techs are encouraged to be quiet but noticeable, avoid disrupting the customer or guests and most all be polite. We are there at the request of the owner to serve the owner, not upsell additional services. We do our job, stick a flag in the lawn and quietly move on to the next stop.

A common complaint about lawn spraying is that a different tech came last service. If the tech pulled up to your house, and spread the mix safely, efficiently and discreetly – they did the job they were there to do. If your lawn doesn’t look good, you can rule out the tech. The problem is most likely irrigation, mowing height or some other cultural problem.

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