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Is there a better grass for a Lawn in Pinellas County than Floratam St Augustine?

Zoysia grass sod, St Augustine grass or Bahia grass? Which grass or sod is best to grow for lawns in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg, Seminole, FL

When is the Best Time to Plant Sod
Some believe that May is the best time to plant a lawn. Others say October. Still others say March. Which one is right?
How to Control Dollar Weed in St Augustine Turf Grass Lawn

The weed with large round green leaves growing in your St Augustine grass lawn is dollar weed, It has white stems below ground and returns every year

How Things Works – Lawn Techs
A common complaint about lawn spraying is a different tech treated the lawn. Is this a problem?
What is Winterizing a Lawn?

Cool air and soil temperatures suspend normal turf growth – a type of hibernation until warmer temperatures arrive in the spring. However not everything is on hold until the next warm spring day. Some weeds and fungus can thrive in the cooler temperatures. Winterizing your lawn is necessary to take care of the fungus and weeds that can attack your lawn during the winter months. I use granular fertilizers high in Potassium and strong liquid herbicides to “Winterize” your lawn.

St Augustine Grass is the Best for You and the Environment
For the Pinellas County urban environment, a St Augustine lawn is the best. A healthy lawn is good for the environment and is good for you. A St Augustine lawn is a biological filter around your home that cleans, filters, cools and looks great
Curb Appeal:The Psychology of Lush Green Lands
“I would love to live here!” said no one when looking at a desert.
How to Set Up Your Irrigation System to Keep a St Augustine Lawn Alive with 2x Week Watering Restrictions

How to set up your irrigation system timer or controller to water your lawn enough to keep it alive, green and healthy and follow water restrictions

All Lawn Spraying is Local

Lawn spraying that is owned and operated by a local expert is best. APL Lawn Spraying is owned and operated by Rick Orr, agronomist of St Petersburg, FL

Your Mower is Killing Your Lawn
Many believe mowing a lawn is good for the lawn. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mowing stresses a lawn. And nothing stresses a St Augustine lawn like mowing too short.
Oak Leaves Do Not Kill St Augustine Lawns – Oak Leaves are Good for the Lawn

The best method or way to remove, mulch, rake or burn  Live Oak tree leaves on a St Augustine grass lawn is to use a mulching mower

Brown Patch is a Cool Weather Disease in St Augustine Lawns

What are those circular patches of dead grass in St Augustine turf grass lawn? Most likely it is Brown Patch - a cool weather fungus.

When is the Best Time to Water a Lawn?
How much, how often and when are the three most asked questions about watering a lawn. This articles explains why watering in the evening is best for Pinellas County St Augustine lawns.
St Augustine Grass Mowing Height
Lawn Myth: A lawn isn’t a lawn unless it is short, like a golf course or it is just a hay field. Rick Orr of APL Lawn Spraying busts this myth into oblivion in this short video
Which Water Source is Best For Irrigation of St Augustine Lawns
Which water source is best to irrigate a St Augustine lawn: Reclaimed Water, Pond water, Lake water, well water or potable water (city water)?