Bugs in the Lawn Articles

Mole crickets are big, ugly and can tear up a lawn. They fly and are attracted to light - clumsily flying around and often landing in pools. Usually the first sign of mole crickets is finding one in your pool.

Chinch bugs can destroy an entire lawn in weeks if not treated. The damage done by chinch bugs to St Augustine lawns is lethal and the lawn will not recover. To avoid expensive repairs, preventative treatments are necessary.

How to identify, recognize and treat chinch bugs, chinch bug damage to St Augustine grass lawns and best method to control and kill chinch bugs.

During May – June, sod webworm eggs may be in the sod, and once the sod webworms hatch, can destroy a lawn before it is established. It is not every batch of sod, but it happens often enough to merit this warning.

Lawn Moths flit, dart, and fly about your lawn in the shadows and shade laying eggs in the grass. The lawn moth does no damage to the lawn but the eggs hatch into sod webworms.

You can tell if you have Sod webworms in St Augustine grass lawns by looking for the chewed edges of the grass leaf and shorter grass in areas of your lawn

Finding a few white grubs in a St Augustine turf grass lawn, you do not have to buy and apply an insecticide to kill grubs. A few grubs do not kill a lawn

Chinch bugs are small, fast and good at hiding. This video gives shows what to look for when searching for chinch bugs in a St Augustine turf grass lawn.