Pest Control

Those big brown cockroaches – AKA Palmetto Bug_  you see scurrying across the floor are forest insects. Sometimes while foraging for food and water in your landscape, they may wander into your home. They prefer the cool moist and dark forest floor to your kitchen floor.

Rats will often cohabitate with humans, preferring areas not frequented by other occupants like attics, crawl spaces, and overgrown plantings or trash piles. Rats making noise is often the first indication you have these unwanted house guests.

Perimeter sprays with free service calls provide an effective and safe way to keep the outdoor bugs, outdoors. Applied on the outside of the house, perimeter sprays eliminate pesticides inside the home. And should there be a problem indoors a very light touch directed at the problem will quickly solve the problem.

Finding a few ants in the house is no reason for concern, but when you see 1000’s form a conga line, time to call a professional. The ants have set up a complex system to move food from your kitchen to their nest.

German Cockroaches are bad - Populations can grow exponentially and can quickly reach infestation levels.

Treating fleas in a St Augustine lawn is not as good as treating your cat or dog for fleas. Lawn spraying does help to control and kill fleas in the lawn.