Is your Snowbush defoliated? Most likely it is the Snowbush spanworm. Snowbush Spanworm, a yellow-green caterpillar will eat every leaf (defoliate) of a Snowbush leaving nothing but bare twigs where a Snowbush once grew.

You are walking along fiddling with your phone and BAM!, you walk into a caterpillar hanging by a silk like thread from an Oak tree – not exactly a highlight of your day. What are these aerial assault caterpillars and are they a problem to you or the tree?

A tree is more interesting and visually pleasing without the overgrown look caused by an abundance of small limbs. However, the removal of small limbs is not in the best interest of the tree. So how do you find that balance between beauty and health?

Stinging-biting insects like mosquitos and no-see-ums make outdoor life a pain. They also transmit diseases like Zika and West Nile virus to humans and heartworms to pets. However, there is a solution - With modern chemicals and products, you can make the outdoors a lot less painful

Trees are an essential element in the Pinellas landscape and proper maintenance is essential to maintain appearance, health, and safety. Pruning and trimming are primary care services a landscape tree will require to stay attractive, healthy, and safe. When is the best time to do tree pruning and trimming?

For the Pinellas County urban environment, a St Augustine lawn is the best. A healthy lawn is good for the environment and is good for you. A St Augustine lawn is a biological filter around your home that cleans, filters, cools and looks great

Instantly transforming a lawn from brown to green comes at a price. A newly sodded lawn is about $5000.00 by contract or about $1000.00 plus a whole weekend of hard labor for the DIY.

“I would love to live here!” said no one when looking at a desert.

Is planting St Augustine grass sod the only way to plant a lawn? I have a thin weak lawn; can I seed it or fertilize it to restore or fix my lawn?

Zoysia grass sod, St Augustine grass or Bahia grass? Which grass or sod is best to grow for lawns in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg, Seminole, FL

A recent study by funded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) proves St Augustine lawns do not pollute.