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Dollar Spot Disease Forms Straw Colored Dead Spots in St Augustine Lawns

Close Up of Dollar Spot on St Augustine Turf

The Name is Deceiving

The name originates from the distinctive 2" round circles (the size of a silver dollar) "dollar spots" found on golf greens. In St Augustine Grass the disease forms "spots" of straw colored leaves - circular in form but because of the tall canopy are 4 – 6” in diameter.

Dollar Spot on St Augustine Turf
Active Dollar Spot on St Augustine Turf Lawn

Dollar Spot Cure

The cure for Dollar Spot is fertilizer - mainly Potassium and micronutrients. For my customers, Dollar Spot will occur the week before my regular visits and fade shortly after an application. This by design – Dollar spot is a signal that it is time to fertilize the lawn. Rarely will there be a need for fungicide treatments.

For the DIY, Dollar Spot is an indicator of low fertility. Allowing the condition to go uncorrected will result in the decline of your St Augustine lawn from low fertility and the impact of the disease. The best plan is to wait a week to ten days after observing the Dollar Spot and apply a good fertilizer with micronutrients.

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