Fungus and Disease Articles

Sugarcane Mosaic Virus is infecting lawns in Pinellas County. The most impacted areas are south of 38th Ave N and concentrated along the coastal areas.

Brown Patch is a cool weather fungus that when conditions are perfect, can cause cosmetic damage but not kill St Augustine turf grass lawns.

During the cooler weather in Pinellas County, home owners my see curious crop circles in their lawn. Most likely those caused by brown patch - a cool weather fungus. Brown Patch is mostly cosmetic and lethal to the lawn.

Small tan or straw-colored spots in your St Augustine grass lawn is Dollar Spot. They can be a few or many and make the lawn appear blotchy or spotted. Dollar spot signals your lawn is ready for a feeding

Mushrooms growing in the lawn does not indicate you have a lawn disease or fungus in your St Augustine grass lawn. It means you have mushrooms.

Fairy Rings are those dark green circles in the lawn with large white mushrooms growing along the outer edge.