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You Should Mow Your St Augustine Lawn at 3" and Here's Why

St Augustine grass mowing height
St Augustine turf grass lawn must be mowed at 3" or higher to create a 4" canopy above stems and roots

Mow St Augustine Turf Grass Lawns at 3" or Higher

When you mow a St Augustine lawn at three inches or higher you create a tall thick canopy of grass above the soil. The taller and thicker the better. Why?

Best at Food Production

A tall canopy intercepts the maximum amount of sunlight to produce the maximum amount of food (photosynthesis).  The more food, the more energy for growing, recovery and strength during stress like drought, disease and pests.

Protection from Heat and Drought

Nothing insulates better than a tall thick canopy of grass. The tall canopy blocks the sun, shades stems and roots and keeps the temperature and humidity perfect for growing grass.

An Organic Weed Barrier

The tall canopy is a weed barrier and weed blocker. The tall canopy prevents weeds from reaching the soil to germinate. Those weed seeds that do germinate will perish from lack of sunlight.


The rigid blades of St Augustine grow uniformly erect, rigid and close together . This gives the St Augustine lawn a "billiard table" look even when the grass is six inches high.

Mowing A St Augustine Lawn at 3" or Higher is Best

Some think that lawn should be mowed low. If you mow  below three inches, you give up food production, insulation, weed control and appearance. You can brag about how low you mow, but  you can't brag about how good your lawn looks. And why grow a lawn if it doesn't look good?

So if you want a lawn to brag about, stop fighting the temptations to mow it low and let it grow. It will look great and thrive even during blistering heat and drought.


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