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St Augustine Grass Mowing Height

The Myth Busted

Many people believe a lawn just isn’t a lawn unless it is short – really really short, short like a golf course. But they don’t use St Augustine grass on golf courses for a very good reason - because if you mow St Augustine as short as the grass on a golf course, it will die

You see, St Augustine grass is not a sports turf – it is a decorative turf and it looks its best when it is  5” tall. So forget about the idea a lawn isn’t a lawn unless it is short and understand that a lawn is a lawn when it looks great and St Augustine looks its best when it is 5” tall.

A Tall Lawn is not a Hayfield

So instead of trying to make a St Augustine lawn look like the 13th green at Augusta, make it look like a great looking lawn by setting your mower to the highest setting.

St Augustine grass thrives at 5” tall  making a beautiful lawn.  And not only does it looks great it needs less water, has fewer weeds and can overcome many environmental problems like drought, cold and  poor soils when it is 5” tall.

So instead of mowing your lawn like you are preparing for a PGA tournament try mowing as high as the mower will go.

Just Raise the Mower...

You want the best looking lawn on the block, raise the mower

You want use less water on your lawn, raise mower

You want less weeds in your lawn, raise the mower

It’s that simple – just raise the mower!