Is Restricting Reclaimed Water Legal?


By Rick Orr 04/10/2020
Reclaimed water injection well
Pinellas County injects excess reclaimed water into the aquifer, while restricting water to end users of reclaimed water claiming a shortage

Is Restricting Reclaimed Water Legal?

I did reclaimed hookups to residential irrigation systems in 1998. Fascinated by the concept of using the reclaimed on lawns and landscapes, I asked many questions of the officials I would meet on the job site.

One Question I asked about Reclaimed Water

"What if the county gets a new government that doesn't like people using reclaimed water, what keeps them from cutting off the reclaimed service?"

I was told that part of the agreement - the part to help solidify the agreement between the homeowner and the government as a supplier of irrigation water and a major selling point was:

"Except for repairs, the county would never restrict the flow of reclaimed water"

The prohibition on restricting flow was part of the contract. Most homeowners feared giving the government control over the very resource that kept their personal property beautiful. And their fears have become reality. What happened? 

Is it Legal to Restrict Reclaimed Water

So how can they restrict reclaim now? Why is it in 2017, the county is restricting the flow of reclaimed water?  Did people forget or was there never such a clause in the agreement? Does anyone have the original agreement? Has anyone challenged local governments on this issue?

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