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Question: Why Don't You Make Paying by Check an Option?

Pay Your Bill Online
The Online Payment Portal takes Credit and Debit Cards

A new customer wrote asking why paying by check was missing from the options on the website. Here is my answer.

You can pay by check; we just don’t encourage it. Here is why:

  • The check has your name, address, routing number, account number and signature.
  • Nearly everything an ID thief needs to steal your identiy.
  • The check is placed in a paper envelope and handled by many people before it goes in my unlocked mailbox.
  • When you use a credit card, it is encrypted, secured and guarded by a team of security personnel to ensure your card doesn’t get stolen
  • And if a credit card is stolen, the bank will issue a new one at no charge.
  • If someone compromises your checking, you lose everything and your identy is stolen.
  • Credit card deposits are done by computers instantly and accurately.
  • Checks are manually opened, sorted and entered - where mistakes happen and take days to process
  • And paying by credit card is faster and easier than writing a check.
  • If you still want to pay by check, send to:
  • APL Lawn Spraying
  • 500 110th Ave N #611
  • St Petersburg, FL 33716

A short time after I sent my reply, I noticed the customer paid online using his credit card.