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Q and A with Rick about St Augustine Lawns

St Augustine Lawn
Rick Orr, Agronomist, examining a St Augustine Lawn

A customer who recently switched from one of the big companies asked:

We have a lot of weeds and rough patches in the lawn. Can you give me your thoughts on what is happening and any advice you might have to make it better? Do we need more or less water? Does it just need time to recover?

Here is my reply:

Yes it will take time recover – probably until the end of the next growing season.

What is battle scarred from poor service will take time to repopulate. However, to do so, the cause of the battle scars must be cured. We handle the bugs, and fertility – you make sure the lawn is mowed as high as the mower can go and water at least 3x per week. That will cure 99% of the causes.

Water More or Water Less?

You are not going to kill your lawn with water. If you manage to overwater your lawn we can fix that, we cut the water back and your lawn will recover. If you water too little your lawn dies. We can’t fix dead.

What About the Weeds?

Weeds do not kill, destroy or choke out a lawn. They are not lethal; they are just ugly. The reason you have weeds is the battle scars are open thin areas that more adapted weedy species will populate. As the causes of the battle scars are mitigated, the St Augie will dominate and the weed count will be less.

We can only treat the weeds we see when we are there and if the St Augustine doesn’t repopulate the area, weeds may return – but less of them. This is repeated until the lawn repopulates and dominates the weak spots.

Focus on Irrigation

If you want to spend time or money or both on improving your lawn, spend it on the irrigation system – the better the irrigation, the better your lawn. Second to that is mow as high as the mower will go. As far as the weeds, they will go away when the St Augustine is healthy and thriving.

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Hope that helps.



Rick Orr, Agronomist | Owner Operator APL Lawn Spraying, Inc/ILOVETURF.COM