Preliminary Research Proves: Lawns Do Not Pollute


By Rick Orr
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Hear for Yourself

Got to about the 2:15 mark and you'll hear Dr Trenholm drop the bombshell "… grass has a tremendous ability to take up virtually all the fertilizer that we apply to it"

Understanding the Video

Dr Trenholm parsed her words carefully to ensure they could not be deconstructed by rabid environmentalists. Yet she was very clear on two points:

  1. Unbiased broad spectrum Research - The research was funded by the Florida EPA and done on a "Wide Variety of Circumstances"
  2. No Escape for the Fertilizer - Dr Trenholm states "…grass has a tremendous ability to take up virtually all the fertilizer that we apply to it"

What about the Over Fertilizing and Heavy Rains Disclaimer

What about over fertilizing and heavy rains? Well, first I use less than the recommended rates because we're good - we're professionals! We don't need to over fertilize for effect - we can keep your lawn healthy with less than the recommended rate. Plus we are a "for profit" business and applying any more fertilizer than necessary cuts into profits.

As far as the rains, that is why we use liquid fertilizers in the rainy season. Sounds counterintuitive but unlike granular fertilizers that lay on the surface, liquids are chemically charged and adhere to organic matter. Rains only help spread the liquid over more surface for greater absorption.

Black Eye for Environmentalists and Law Makers

Dr Trenholm’s research is a swift kick to the environmentalist's and law-maker's backside who promoted and passed fertilizer bans. When you use words like "tremendous ability" you are talking extreme - lawns are extreme at taking up fertilizer. And for a scientist to say "virtually all" they mean all - they just can't be that definitive about agricultural research. The bottom line - Fertilizing lawns does not pollute our water bodies.

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