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Pinky the Flamingo is Retiring

Posting Signs oF APL Lawn Spraying
History of APL Lawn Spraying Posting Signs

Pinky the flamingo posting sign is being retired and replaced with a new posting sign. The new sign dubbed “Gomey the Sign Twirler” will be used starting next week.
The much loved and recognizable Pink Flamingo has gone the way of the Dodo replaced by a better more durable posting sign. 
Gnomey was locally sourced and printed (Pinky was not). We support local businesses by patronizing them whenever possible.
So, please don't be alarmed if you see Gnomey instead of the Pink Flamingo - still the same company, still the same great service and products - just an updated sign.

You can Learn more about the posting signs here: Why Does the Sign Say KEEP OFF UNTIL DRY?