Nitrogen Blackout Mandated By SWFWMD a Success and a Failure


By Rick Orr 10/10/2011
Highway Sign Fertilizer Ban with Writing :This i a Lie
It is a Nitrogen Blackout Not a Fertilizer Ban

Epic Failure by SWFWMD

The overreaching mandate for a nitrogen blackout by SWFWMD was a failure. But to SWFWMD, a failure is success. They successfully stopped people from displaying, selling and using nitrogen fertilizers on their lawns and landscape. The failure is the same overreaching mandate resulted in fewer homeowners willing to cultivate turf for lawns which increased the bare soil in Pinellas County.

Bare Soils Bring More Pollution

Bare soils are the source of dust and pollen. Bare soil is easily eroded. More dust, more pollen and more erosion increases the nutrients moving into our surrounding waters. And now the blackout is over, there is a rush to overdose our soils with excess nitrogen in an effort to compensate for the blackout.

Turf is Pollution Control

Turf is pollution control for the urban environment – a natural biological filter and erosion control. It reduces dust, pollen and erosion, purifies our air and filters rainwater. The good news is I did not become discouraged and I had great success with lawns all over the county.

Ask a Pro

Unlike SWFWMD, I want to see more turf in Pinellas. I have advanced products and techniques to keep your lawn healthy and thriving and still comply with the nitrogen blackout. If you need help – before you overdose the soil with nitrogen – ask a professional lawn spraying company for a free quote.

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