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The Magic is in the Mix

The Magic is in the Mix
The Tech's job is to spread the mix evenly over the lawn

The magic is in the mix. That right mixture of fertilizers, pest control, additives and water is the difference between a healthy lawn or failure.

Complex Problem: Lawn Spraying

To understand the complexity of the lawn spray mix, you only need go to Home Depot to buy one component of the mix. For example buying an insecticide requires that you know the biology of the target species, the active ingredient's mode of action, application methods, calibration of equipment and the size of area to be treated to effectively control the pest. Applying the wrong insecticide at the wrong concentration at the wrong time will avail you nothing except a waste of money.

I Can Do This

I am the "mix master" at APL Lawn Spraying and I don't waste money. I use my advance education in chemistry, botany and entomology  that I received at VA Tech and the years of experience with Pinellas soils, species and climate to design the right mix for Pinellas lawns. And I do that daily.

Pinellas Blend - Not for Hillsborough or Polk or Anywhere Else

Once the mix is carefully blended for Pinellas it can be applied to Pinellas lawns with excellent results. To apply to lawns, you need a truck, a pump, a hose, a spray wand and a tech to operate the equipment.

Custom Equipment and Trained Tech

APL uses custom spray equipment  engineered to apply the right amount efficiently and evenly over a lawn. The tech is trained to operate equipment and apply the mix evenly over the lawn. The tech also has received lawn care and pest management training.

However, the fine equipment and a trained  tech are good, but the magic is still in the mix. It is the mix that makes your lawn healthy. The tech and his truck are just the vehicle to deliver the mix.

Not All are Equal

Because I am a local agronomist operating my own lawn spraying company only in Pinellas County, I mix every truck every day. I can be very nimble and adjust to changes quickly. Large lawn spray companies, like Trugreen, Massey and Pest Bear,  cannot adjust quickly. I can modify a mix daily - large spray companies spray what corporate HQ sent them last month. I can adjust a spray for the rain the next day or a new pest species - large spray companies change the mix, when corporate HQ changes the mix.

How to Choose the Right Mix

Lawn spray mix is proprietary and different with every lawn spray company. Techs are techs, equipment is equipment. But the magic is in the mix. When selecting a lawn spray company, it would be best to select a local company with local  experience and knowledge and advance studies in chemistry, botany and entomology.