Liquid Fertilizers are Better Than Granular Fertilizers


By Rick Orr 06/17/2016
Lawn tech spraying a St Augustine lawn by a large home
Liquid fertilizers are superior to granular fertilizers

The Leaf Becomes the Fertilizer Carrier

The spray I use is a mixture of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and a “sticker”. When the spray contacts the leaf, the mixture sticks to the leaf – a strong bond that cannot be washed off in heavy rains. When the leaf is mowed, the fertilizer coated clippings fall into the canopy where it is recycled to feed the grass plant.

 Uses Less Energy

Liquid fertilizers eliminate a manufacturing step needed to make granular products. To produce a granular product, you take the liquid and encapsulate it or solidify it with heat and pressure and place the product in a bag. I use the raw fertilizer elements and a sticker and apply them directly to the plant.

Accurate and Cleaner

Liquid sprays are directed spray  - they hit the target, stick to the target and stay close to the target. Granular products are broadcast – slung around. Granular products contain “filler” – sometimes this is sand, sewage sludge or manufacturing byproducts to be disposed of on your lawn. The filler in liquid sprays is water.

Local Solution

We blend our liquid fertilizers every day for lawns grown in Pinellas.  Granular products are produced for large regional mass markets for a variety of species. I custom blend on the fly, every day, to get the most effective blend. Granular products are run months in advance of their distribution in a place far from your home

Spray is Superior at Providing What Your Lawn Needs

Using the leaf as the fertilizer carrier, reducing energy usage, clean and precise application and custom blended for local climate and conditions make liquid fertilizers superior to granular.

Rick Orr Owner-Operator APL Pest Control/Creator of ILOVETURF.COM
APL Pest Control

Rick Orr is the creator of, Owner/Operator of APL Pest Control, and a graduate of VA Tech in Agronomy (Turf Ecology).  

Since 1980, Rick worked in the green industry, mostly with golf courses, resorts, and large communities. Rick worked as a Golf Course Superintendent of Fripp Island Resort, agronomist for Seaside, FL, and the spray tech for Vinoy Golf Course. Rick has been certified as an arborist, landscape and irrigation contractor, and adjunct professor for Environmental Horticulture (SPC) in Pinellas County.  

Home Pest Control came naturally. Entomology (bug science) was part of agronomy studies. Nearly every indoor pest problem starts outdoors. Crossing over to home pest control from lawn spraying was a natural process – the technology, methods, and materials used for home pest control are modifications of the ones used for lawn spraying. 

The result of that work is one of the top-rated pest control companies in Pinellas County – APL Pest Control. APL Pest Control is a family-owned business serving residential and commercial properties in Pinellas County, FL. 

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