Lawn Spraying is a Value Added Service


By Rick Orr



Lawn Spraying Value Added Service
APL Lawn Spraying is a Value Added Service

Your Lawn Needs to be Fed and Protected

Your lawn is exposed to the elements - sunshine, wind, rain, insects, weeds, disease, and other elements - and in constant decline. To stop the decline, every lawn needs a shot of fertilizer and some protection from bugs, weeds, and disease every once in a while. Somebody has to do it. Either you can be a weekend warrior, go to the store, buy the fertilizers and pesticides and hope you bought the right stuff at the right time, or hire a professional.

The Extras of Lawn Spraying

Weekends off from lawn duty is certainly one perk of lawn spraying but is one Saturday off every two months worth it? Consider the following excuses for hiring a lawn spraying service:

Better Job - It is difficult for a homeowner to match the product quality, application equipment, expertise, and consistency of a lawn spraying service. The value is that lawn spraying companies can do it better than DIY.

Cost Less - The cost of lawn spraying is more than a bag of 10-10-10. There is the round trip to the store, the learning curve, the equipment, the storage, and the application - not to mention the "rinse and repeat" scenario required to get great results. Most people simply find that paying the extra for a lawn spraying service is far more cost-effective.

Safety - Some people are chemo-phobic! They just prefer to have the messy work of fertilizers and pesticides performed "by the experts". It is hard to put a value on "peace of mind" and many of my customers set that value above a few dollars saved at the Home Depot and prefer the "peace of mind" having an expert handle this chore!

Pride - Some people (many who are my customers) prefer to have the greenest, best-looking lawn in the ‘hood! They put great value on putting their best foot forward - usually a 5000 square foot lawn.

Insect Control - Others have realized that there is great value in having a lawn spraying company controlling insects on every square foot of their property - especially pet owners. To them, there is great value in having everything from ants to fleas killed, edge to edge on their property.

​Efficient - ​The right product at the right time provides better results faster and more reliable than the "buy and try" of many DIY'ers. Hard to put a price on a job done right the first time.

Delivery Service - Few people associate my service - lawn spraying - with that of a delivery service. But in reality, what I do is to deliver the finest and best lawn care products in the industry to your front door and apply them accurately over your entire lawn with modern equipment on a regular schedule. That is the real value of a lawn spraying service!

Lawn Spraying - A Value Added Service Lawn spraying has value. It may be that you prefer a professional to do the job or you like the concept of having all the bugs around your home killed. Regardless having the finest and best lawn care products delivered to your front door and applied evenly over your entire lawn with modern equipment on a regular schedule by a professional is a great value at current market prices.

Rick Orr Owner-Staff Agronomist Barefoot Grassl/Creator of ILOVETURF.COM
Staff Agronomist at Barefoot Grass

Since 1995, Rick Orr has worked in Pinellas County providing turf management and pest control. Rick Orr is a graduate of VA Tech in Agronomy (Turf Ecology) and the creator of 

Since graduating from VA Tech in 1979, Rick worked in the green industry, mostly with golf courses, resorts, and large communities. Rick has obtained certifications in arboriculture, landscape, irrigation, and taught Environmental Horticulture at St Petersburg College. 

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