Do You Have Any Lawn Treatment for Fleas?


By Rick Orr 04/20/2016
Golden retriever standing on a ozoysiia lawn

Do you have a Treatment for Fleas in the Lawn?

Yes/No: The insecticides I use do kill fleas every time I spray your lawn. The problem is fleas are little reproductive organs that die with 100’s of fertile eggs that hatch out in 7 - 10 days and re-infest your lawn. So killing them once every two months when I spray the lawn, does little to solve flea infestations – it helps keep populations in check but lawn spraying is not a solution to a flea infestation. The best solution for fleas is to have a continuous killing system to kill fleas before they become fertile.

Treating the Pet

That’s where treating the pet comes into play. The Comfortis you give your dog turns your dog into a walking flea bomb – everywhere the pet goes, the pet kills fleas. And your pet does this 24/7 as long as you give the Comfortis.

With constant use of Comfortis, the flea population soon reaches non-sustaining levels and collapses – problem solved until a flea is reintroduced into the lawn. Then your pet – aka the walking flea bomb – seeks and destroys the flea. That is why when often asked about flea control, I will be quick to recommend treating the pet as the primary method for flea control. It’s simple and effective.

Case Study

When I had a Golden Retriever (AKA Flea Magnet) I only used the Comfortis during peak season in Florida – spring through summer. Rarely using it Sept – March. That worked for me – your mileage may vary.

Yes We Do Have a Treament for Fleas in the Lawn

After all that is said, I do have a product similar to Comfortis in a granular form (Top Choice) that I can spread around your home. Cost = $120 to treat an average lawn and landscape. Since it has the same mode of action as Comfortis, using Top Choice and Comfortis only duplicates your efforts and costs but not the results – dead fleas can’t be killed again. THis is a good option for pet owners who can't treat the pet.

I can only treat 1x per year and Top Choice will control fleas for three months - the effects may persist for up to 9 - 12 months but I can't retreat the area for 12 months. On the other hand, Top Choice has some extra perks - Top Choice Controls Fire Ants for an entire year and nuisance ants for 3 months, mole crickets for 4 months and ticks for a month in and around the lawn and landscape.

Note: The insecticides we use are very safe for pets. As a matter of fact, the insecticide we use is the same active ingredient in flea shampoo and flea collars.

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