Controlling Mosquitos and Other Stinging Biting Insects


By John Hardy
MAn using a fogger to combat mosquitos in the landscape
With modern equipment and products, it is possible to enjoy the outdoors without mosquitos

Outdoor Living Made Better

It is possible to eat, drink, or play outdoors without stinging-biting bugs with modern products and equipment. Mosquito defense takes 10 -15 minutes for an average lawn, is safe for humans, pets, and the environment, and can effectively reduce stinging-biting insect populations to near zero for weeks.

How it works

Mosquitos spend their days resting on or under foliage. Mosquito defense uses power equipment to “fog” these areas with a mixture of quick-acting (knockdown) and long-lasting residual products. The quick-acting product eliminates the current population and the residual product lasts for 3 to 4 weeks.

Planning Mosquito Control

The peak season for stinging-biting bugs is mid-February to late September. Schedule your mosquito treatments on a regular schedule during those months – usually every 3 – 4 weeks. The effectiveness increases with each application – each application builds on the previous application. Skipping or longer intervals between treatments is not advisable.

For outdoor events such as parties, weddings, etc. having 2 to 3 treatments before the event is more effective than one treatment a few days before the event. For example, a wedding scheduled in June should begin treatments in April.


Mosquitos need water to lay eggs - eliminating standing water wherever possible will help reduce the mosquito population. Look for the “mosquito farms “around your home – places where water has collected. This can be anything from a bottle cap to an unattended swimming pool. Prevention can be as simple as flipping a bucket or container upside down.

Join the Effort

Consider mosquito defense for your home. The higher the participation in controlling and preventing biting-stinging bugs, the less biting-stinging bugs flying around. Not only will there be fewer bites and stings but fewer diseases such as West Nile, and Zika in humans and fewer pets with heartworms.


Portrait of John Hardy General Manager of Barefoot Grass Lawn Care
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John is the father of four girls, a veteran, and a trained theologian.

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