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About the Chemicals We Use: Synthetic Botanicals

Lawn Spraying
Modern Synthetic Botanicals are the most widely used insecticide for lawn pest control

Pyrethrin has been a natural part of our environment since creation and to date have been found to have no ill effect on humans or the environment. It would be a perfect insecticide for the lawn except for one problem - cost.

Only A Drop is Needed

The naturally occurring insecticide, pyrethrin is found in chrysanthemums. It kills bugs on contact but is harmless to humans and pets. One distinctive of pyrethrin is only a small amount is needed to kill an bug and chrysanthemums produce very little of the compound. Since chrysanthemums produce so little pyrethrin, it is not economically feasible to harvest large quantities of pyrethrin from even a field of chrysanthemums.

Better Lawn Care with Modern Chemistry

The good news is the chemical engineers are able to create pyrethrin in the laboratory. They can manufacture a pharmaceutical grade synthetic pyrethrin (pyrethroids) at a fraction of the cost of natural pyrethrin. The pyrethroids have many of the same characteristics as the natural pyrethrin  - effective, safe, environmentally friendly. And one distinct difference - it is far cheaper than harvesting pyrethrin from chrysanthemums.

How Safe are Synthetic Botanicals?

I don’t recommend bathing in pyrethroids but the flea shampoo you use on your pet contains pyrethroids. Not only is synthetic pyrethrin safe but very “green” as it breaks down quickly into harmless elements and does not move from target areas. Synthetic pyrethrin is a safe, effective, economical solution for lawn and ornamental pest control.

Not Everyone will Understand

Perception is everything and most people think that I carry deadly skull and crossbones  poisons on my truck and I am destroying the environment. But quite the opposite is true, my lawn spray mixture contains synthetic botanicals - pyrethroids which are very effective for lawn pests in very small amounts and harmless to man, animals and the environment.

Relax and Enjoy Your Lawn

Lawn spraying is very safe for you, your family, pets and environment. Millions and millions of lawns are sprayed every day and not one pet or human has been harmed. Gone are the days of skull and cross bone toxic insecticides and we now live in the age of modern chemicals to provide safe, earth friendly and effective protection for your lawn.

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