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Which is cheaper - Do it Yourself or Professional Lawn Spraying. My research says professional lawn spraying is slightly cheaper.

Is organic lawn care better than conventional chemical lawn spraying? Are lawn chemicals unsafe for pets and humans. Learn more here

St Augustine turf grass lawns do not pollute water, they de-pollutes the air and water by composting pet waste, dust, pollen, harmful chemicals and more

How to tell chinch bugs and fungus from water stress in this short video from Rick Orr, agronomist and owner operator  APL Lawn Spraying St Petersburg, FL

Sandy soils of Pinellas County need to be watered often to keep a St Augustine turf grass lawn green. Growing grass in sand soils is difficult.

Mushrooms growing in the lawn does not indicate you have a lawn disease or fungus in your St Augustine grass lawn. It means you have mushrooms.

What do lawn spraying companies spray on the lawn and why is the mix design so critical to a safe, non-toxic lawn.

What to do for a St Augustine turf grass lawn in February? In Clearwater, your lawn is transitioning from semi-dormant to spring growth spurt.

A customer switched from Trugreen to APL Lawn Spraying. She wanted to know what to expect from APL Lawn Spraying.

Chinch bugs are small, fast and good at hiding. This video gives shows what to look for when searching for chinch bugs in a St Augustine turf grass lawn.

FL Dept. of Environmental Protection proved that that lawn fertilizers do not pollute water and summer fertilizer bans are misguided.

The lawn mower made brown streaks of dead grass in my St Augustine turf grass lawn. What should I do to fix or repair my St Augustine grass lawn?

A true story of a homeowner’s experience with a Trugreen salesman knocking at her door to trash talk her lawn spraying company. Her answer is amazing.

Granular fertilizers are easier for the homeowner and the pro to apply - you don't need expensive tanks, pumps, and hoses. So why do the pros use liquid fertilizers?

Rick Orr is owner operator of APL Lawn Spraying – lawn fertilization and pest control for Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg and Seminole, FL