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We Look Big but Family Owned and Local

Yes, this is my business and I live in St Pete. We are a small local family owned business.  APL Pest Control looks like a big company but, we’re just a local family business – a really good local family business.

APL Pest Control started in 2001 as a lawn spraying company. In 2020, we added home pest control to our service offerings and change the name to better reflect what we do – APL Pest Control - we got you covered indoors and out.

Meet the Owner/Operator - Rick Orr – Agronomist

I am your local agronomist. I have been working in Pinellas County since 1995 researching, developing and testing the best management practices for growing St Augustine turf. I discovered the right materials, equipment and techniques required to grow and maintain a healthy beautiful lawn in Pinellas County. I'm the only agronomist in the county, I know of, and certainly the only one who has studied St Augustine turf for over 25 years.

Since almost all the pest encountered in the home, came from the lawn, I have a deep knowledge of all pests in and around the home. It was a natural to start home pest control as an add-on service to our lawn spraying service.

What is an Agronomist?

What is an agronomist? Technically an agronomist is a soil and plant scientist - people have doctors, animals have veterinarians and plants have agronomists. Agronomists find the best way to grow plants and keep them healthy. I graduated from Va Tech ’79 in agronomy specializing in turf ecology. Turf is my thing and Pinellas is where I know the most!

Entomology (bug science) was part of my studies. Nearly every indoor pest problem starts outdoors. Crossing over to home pest control was a natural process – the technology, methods and materials used for home pest control are modifications of the ones used for lawn spraying.

Work Experience

Since 1980, I have been working in the green industry, mostly with golf courses, resorts and large communities. I’ve worked as a Golf Course Superintendent of Fripp Island Resort, agronomist for Seaside, FL and the spray tech for Vinoy Golf Course. I have been a certified arborist, landscape and irrigation contractor and adjunct professor for Environmental Horticulture (SPC) in Pinellas County. To me, there are few things about Pinellas lawns and landscapes that remain a mystery.

I started home pest control years ago working with local pest control businesses. For years, I have been mentored and tutored by knowledgeable and experienced operators. After years of training and study I was certified as a pest control operator for general household pests and rodents by the state of Florida.

Degreed - Certified - License - Insured 

Rick Orr, owner operator, graduated in 1979 from Va Tech with a degree in Agronomy/Turf Ecology. Since 1985, Rick Orr has been a Florida certified Pest Control Operator and a certified Commercial Fertilizer Applicator.   APL Pest Control is licensed by the State of Florida for General Household Pests and Rodents, Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control and Commercial Fertilizer Applications.  APL Pest Control is insured for liability and workers comp.

APL Pest Control - Serving All of Pinellas County Since 2001

From the Pink Streets to Tarpon, we service all of Pinellas County. APL Pest Control was formed in 2001 as a partnership between two local family owned lawn spraying companies and continues today as local family owned pest control service.


No Contract Required and Only 6 regular scheduled services per year to fertilize, control bugs and weeds. The philosophy is simple: Encourage the turf and discourage everything else.

Lawn Spraying Service Summary:

  • No Contract Required
  • 6 Services per Year (Every Other Month)
  • Maintain Fertility at Medium to Medium high Year Round
  • Kill the Bugs and Weeds


We treat the exterior around your entire home and create an invisible barrier to deny unwanted pests entry into your home. No more chemicals in the house. And for any problems that arise in between treatments, we offer unlimited service calls.

For pest problems in the home, we can offer a safe and effective action plan to quickly rid your home of the unwanted ants, roaches, rodents and more.

Home Pest Control Service Summary:

  • No Contract Required
  • Quarterly Preventative Perimeter Treatments with Unlimited Service Calls
  • Emergency Service for Removal of Ants, Roaches, Rodents and more


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Click here to request your free lawn evaluation and service quote online.


Click here to request your free lawn evaluation and service quote online.