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Why does SWFWMD restrict wells for lawn watering (irrigation)? I recently wrote SWFWMD to find out the answer to this question.

Water restrictions in Tampa Bay area are triggered by water shortages. Are we running out of water?

Saving HOA money on landscape maintenance for common areas is important. Good lawn spraying can restore common areas to their original beauty.

You are walking along fiddling with your phone and BAM!, you walk into a caterpillar hanging by a silk like thread from an Oak tree – not exactly a highlight of your day. What are these aerial assault caterpillars and are they a problem to you or the tree?

A recent study by funded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) proves St Augustine lawns do not pollute.

Critics of lawn chemicals claim that lawn chemicals are toxic to humans and pets and the lawn is harmful to the environment because it is not natural.

Water restrictions can ruin or kill a St Augustine grass lawn. Learn how to save water watering your lawn and grow your lawn in St Petersburg, FL

Killing weeds without killing a St Augustine grass lawn is difficult. What weed killer or herbicide, when to apply herbicides and how much herbicide to use