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A  landscape should have 50% to 70% of the square footage planted in St Augustine turf grass sod lawn to cool and de-pollute air and water around the home

Fairy Rings are those dark green circles in the lawn with large white mushrooms growing along the outer edge.

Fertilizing a healthy St Augustine lawn during the rainy season does not cause fertilizer to pollute or run off into lakes, rivers, bays or other water

How do you care for a lawn that is soaked from heavy rains, ruts when you mow and has standing water.

Why does SWFWMD restrict wells for lawn watering (irrigation)? I recently wrote SWFWMD to find out the answer to this question.

A recent study by funded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) proves St Augustine lawns do not pollute.

Critics of lawn chemicals claim that lawn chemicals are toxic to humans and pets and the lawn is harmful to the environment because it is not natural.

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Killing weeds without killing a St Augustine grass lawn is difficult. What weed killer or herbicide, when to apply herbicides and how much herbicide to use