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What to Expect in the Fall From Your St Augustine Lawn

Every fall I’m asked “Why does my lawn look like it is dying?”. The lawn isn’t dying, it is transitioning from summer growth to winter semi dormancy.

Lawn Spraying is not Polluting

Critics of lawn chemicals claim that lawn chemicals are toxic to humans and pets and the lawn is harmful to the environment because it is not natural.

Water Restrictions: Once (1x) per Week is Not Enough

Water restrictions can ruin or kill a St Augustine grass lawn. Learn how to save water watering your lawn and grow your lawn in St Petersburg, FL

Truth About Weed Control

Killing weeds without killing a St Augustine grass lawn is difficult. What weed killer or herbicide, when to apply herbicides and how much herbicide to use

Brown Patch: When Turf has a Winter Cold

Brown Patch is a cool weather fungus that when conditions are perfect, can cause cosmetic damage but not kill St Augustine turf grass lawns.

Alert: Snowbush Spanworm
Snowbush Spanworm, a yellow green caterpillar will eat every leaf (defoliate) off a Snowbush leaving nothing a bare twigs where a Snowbush once grew.