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Why Irrigation is Necessary for a Healthy St Augustine Lawn

Watering a St Augustine lawn often will keep it green and healthy during dry weather or drought. How often and how long should you water?

Service Reminders Sent To Your Inbox or Phone the Day Before We Spray

APL Lawn Spraying automatically sends service reminder notifications by text or email the day before we treat your lawn with fertilizers and pesticides

Pinellas County Extension Service gets it Wrong, Again

The Pinellas County Extension Service is not the best for finding what fungus, bug or disease is damaging, eating or killing your St Augustine grass lawn.

Pinellas County Extension Service Fails at Problem Solving

The Pinellas County Extension Service is not the best for finding what fungus, bug or disease is damaging, eating or killing your St Augustine grass lawn.

Alternative to Sodding a Lawn: Renovation

Is planting St Augustine grass sod the only way to plant a lawn? I have a thin weak lawn; can I seed it or fertilize it to restore or fix my lawn?

A Weed Free Lawn is Not Sold in a Bottle

How good are the lawn chemicals, the weed killers, insecticides and fertilizers, sold at Home Depot or Lowes? Do they work on St Augustine grass lawns?

Winter Turf Tip: What To Do for Your St Augustine Turf Grass Lawn in Winter

What should you do for your St Augustine grass lawn during the colder winter months in Florida. Does it need fertilizer, water and insect control?

Why Does the Sign Say KEEP OFF UNTIL DRY?

Are lawn chemicals harmful to humans and pets? If not, why does the posting sign say “Pesticide Application – Keep Off Until Dry”?

White Grub Damage Looks Like Water Stress Even When Wet and The Turf Is Not Rooted in the Soil

Finding a few white grubs in a St Augustine turf grass lawn, you do not have to buy and apply an insecticide to kill grubs. A few grubs do not kill a lawn

What is Lawn Spraying and How Does it Work

APL Lawn Spraying is a service that applies fertilizer, bug killer insecticides and weed killer herbicides to a St Augustine turf grass lawn

Chinch Bugs: What are Chinch Bugs How to Spot Chinch Bugs and How to Control Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are small bugs that live in St Augustine turf grass lawns. They cause dead patches of grass and grass with yellow leaves

Sod Webworms are Active in Pinellas County and Causing Damage to St Augustine Grass Lawns

You can tell if you have Sod webworms in St Augustine grass lawns by looking for the chewed edges of the grass leaf and shorter grass in areas of your lawn

How the Fertilizer Ban Effects Lawn Spraying and St Augustine Turf Grass Lawns

No fertilizer ban in Pinellas County only a nitrogen blackout – no nitrogen can be  applied to St Augustine turf grass lawns from June 1 to Sept 31

Rain Washes Away Fertilizer Into Local Waters: Myth Debunked

Fertilizer applied to St Augustine grass lawns before a rain storm does not pollute water because fertilizer does not wash away or run off when it rains.

What is the Lawn Spraying Difference: TruGreen, Scotts and APL Lawn Spraying

Is Trugreen better or worse than other lawn spraying companies? Are there different mixes or are all lawn spraying companies the same?