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Pinky the Flamingo is Retiring

APL Lawn Spraying is proud to introduce “Gnomey, the lawn gnome sign twirler”. Gnomey will proudly warn all "Pesticide Application - Keep Off Until Dry".

Q and A with Rick about St Augustine Lawns

A customer switched from Trugreen to APL Lawn Spraying. She wanted to know what to expect from APL Lawn Spraying.

Chinch Bugs Exposed

Chinch bugs are small, fast and good at hiding. This video gives shows what to look for when searching for chinch bugs in a St Augustine turf grass lawn.

Landscape Battle: Turf vs. Shrubs

Landscape tip to help you have an attractive landscape with less work.

FL Dept of Environmental Protection Prove Fertilizer Ordinances Do Nothing For Florida Waterways

FL Dept. of Environmental Protection proved that that lawn fertilizers do not pollute water and summer fertilizer bans are misguided.

Dollar Spot Disease Forms Straw Colored Dead Spots in St Augustine Lawns

Small brown to tan or straw-colored spots in your St Augustine grass lawn is Dollar Spot. They can be a few or many and make the lawn appear blotchy or spotted.

Blazing Hot Florida Sun can Scald the Turf leaving Brown Streaks in the Lawn

The lawn mower made brown streaks of dead grass in my St Augustine turf grass lawn. What should I do to fix or repair my St Augustine grass lawn?

TruGreen Salesman Knocked at My Door

A true story of a homeowner's experience with a Trugreen salesman knocking at her door to “trash talk” her lawn spraying company. Her answer is amazing

APL Lawn Spraying

APL Lawn Spraying is a lawn & ornamental pest control company servingall of Pinellas County, FL with fertilizer and pesticide services.

Do Not Turn Off your Irrigation During the Rainy Season

It has rained nearly every day during the rainy season, so, how often should you water your St Augustine grass lawn in Clearwater and surrounding areas?

Lawn Spraying and the Environment

Which is best Liquid Spray or Granular fertilizers? Liquid spray fertilizers and pesticides are the most effective and environmentally friendly

Important Update for New Sod Installations

Installing a St Augustine grass sod, you need to know: Sod Webworms, Armyworms and other harmful insects are in the sod and can kill a newly sodded lawn.

Meet the Creator of

Rick Orr is owner operator of APL Lawn Spraying – lawn fertilization and pest control for Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg and Seminole, FL

Lawn Spraying is a Value Added Service

A lawn spraying service is an easy inexpensive way to keep your lawn healthy without learning, buying and applying lawn chemicals and fertilizers

Do You Have Any Lawn Treatment for Fleas?

Treating fleas in a St Augustine lawn is not as good as treating your cat or dog for fleas. Lawn spraying does help to control and kill fleas in the lawn.