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You Should Mow Your St Augustine Lawn at 3" and Here's Why
The best mowing height for St Augustine turf grass lawns is 3" or higher. Lawn damage, brown spots and dead thin turf are caused by mowing height below 3”
How to Identify Chinch Bugs and Chinch Bug Damage in St Augustine Grass Lawns
How to identify, recognize and treat chinch bugs, chinch bug damage to St Augustine grass lawns and best method to control and kill chinch bugs.
How APL Lawn Spraying is Organized: Agronomists, CPO and Techs

APL Lawn Spraying is led by an agronomist, who is also the Florida certified pest control operator in charge of APL Lawn Spraying.

Is Restricting Reclaimed Water Legal?

Can Pinellas County, FL government officials restrict, shut off or turn off reclaimed water to its customers? I don’t think so….

Why Have Restrictions on Well and Reclaimed Water?

Why does Pinellas County, FL have water restrictions when there is no shortage of well or reclaimed water? I wrote SWFWMD to find out why.

APL Lawn Spraying Saves $11.98 over DIY

Which is cheaper - Do it Yourself or Professional Lawn Spraying. My research says professional lawn spraying is slightly cheaper.

Organic Lawn Spraying vs. Conventional Lawn Spraying

Is organic lawn care better than conventional chemical lawn spraying? Are lawn chemicals unsafe for pets and humans. Learn more here

Lawns Don't Pollute They Depollute

St Augustine turf grass lawns do not pollute water, they de-pollutes the air and water by composting pet waste, dust, pollen, harmful chemicals and more

Is it Chinch Bugs? Fungus? Or Something Else?

How to tell chinch bugs and fungus from water stress in this short video from Rick Orr, agronomist and owner operator  APL Lawn Spraying St Petersburg, FL

Soil and Water: Why Irrigation is Mandatory in Pinellas

Sandy soils of Pinellas County need to be watered often to keep a St Augustine turf grass lawn green. Growing grass in sand soils is difficult.

About the Chemicals I Use

Are the chemicals – fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides - used for lawn care harmful to humans and pets? Learn more

Fungus: The Boogey Man of Lawns - Scary, Invisible and Mostly Your Imagination

Mushrooms growing in the lawn does not indicate you have a lawn disease or fungus in your St Augustine grass lawn. It means you have mushrooms.

The Magic is in the Mix

What do lawn spraying companies spray on the lawn and why is the mix design so critical to a safe, non-toxic lawn.

Question: Why Don't You Make Paying by Check an Option?

An APL Lawn Spraying customer asked why paying by debit or credit card were the only options to pay her bill online. My reply “Security”.

Lawn Tip: What to Do in February

What to do for a St Augustine turf grass lawn in February? In Clearwater, your lawn is transitioning from semi-dormant to spring growth spurt.