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Why A St Augustine Lawn is a Good for You and Good for the Urban Environment

A  landscape should have 50% to 70% of the square footage planted in St Augustine turf grass sod lawn to cool and de-pollute air and water around the home

Homeowners Guide to Properly Caring for a St Augustine Lawn

Guide to best when and how to mow, water, apply fertilizer, apply bug killer insecticides and weed killer herbicides to your St Augustine grass lawn

Report: Sugarcane Mosaic Virus Infected St Augustine Turf Growing in Southern Pinellas County

Sugarcane Mosaic Virus (SMV)  attacks St Augustine turf grass lawns in Pinellas County, FL APL Lawn Spraying treats lawns with Sugarcane Mosaic Virus.

How to Control Dollar Weed in St Augustine Turf Grass Lawn

The weed with large round green leaves growing in your St Augustine grass lawn is dollar weed, It has white stems below ground and returns every year

A Promised Land Lawn Spraying Exceptional 5 Star Review

We avoid bragging at APL Lawn Spraying - we think every healthy lush green lawn speaks loudly for our work. However, there are times when we just get so many compliments, we need to share them with everyone. Thank You to all who wrote kind words about our service at Angie's list where we have "A" rating.

Junk Science for Lawns

There were areas in the shady St Augustine lawn where the grass will not grow. The lawn had a much shade from several large Live Oak trees in the lawn

Large White Mushrooms Growing In the lawn Are A Community of Fungi Recycling Organic Matter
Fairy Rings are those dark green circles in the lawn with large white mushrooms growing along the outer edge.
Preliminary Research Proves: Lawns Do Not Pollute

Fertilizing a healthy St Augustine lawn during the rainy season does not cause fertilizer to pollute or run off into lakes, rivers, bays or other water

Lesson #1 - The Best Mowing Height for St Augustine Turf Grass Lawn

The best mowing height for St Augustine grass lawns grown in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Seminole, Largo and Palm Harbor Florida is 3” high or taller

What To Do When it Rains too Much and Your St Augustine Turf Grass Lawn is Flooded
How do you care for a lawn that is soaked from heavy rains, ruts when you mow and has standing water.
How Does SWFWMD Save Potable Water by Restricting Lawn Irrigation With Well Water?

Why does SWFWMD restrict wells for lawn watering (irrigation)? I recently wrote SWFWMD to find out the answer to this question.

APL Lawn Spraying Saves $21.85 Compared to Do It Yourself at Home Depot

Which is cheaper - Do it Yourself or Professional Lawn Spraying. My research says professional lawn spraying is almost $25.00 cheaper (2013 study).

Only  A Tiny Fraction of the Earth’s Water – less than 1% -  is Useable for Humans: Is that A Problem?

Water restrictions in Tampa Bay area are triggered by water shortages. Are we running out of water?

This Weed Has Round Leaves Similar to Dollar Weed but is Dichondra

Dichondra looks like Dollar Weed but Dichondra has a small round light green leaves and grows low to the ground in shade areas

Restoring HOA Common Areas can be done with Lawn Spraying (Fertility and Pest Management)

Saving HOA money on landscape maintenance for common areas is important. Good lawn spraying can restore common areas to their original beauty.