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Why Does the Sign Say KEEP OFF UNTIL DRY?

Are lawn chemicals harmful to humans and pets? If not, why does the posting sign say “Pesticide Application – Keep Off Until Dry”?

White Grub Damage Looks Like Water Stress Even When Wet and The Turf Is Not Rooted in the Soil

Finding a few white grubs in a St Augustine turf grass lawn, you do not have to buy and apply an insecticide to kill grubs. A few grubs do not kill a lawn

What is Lawn Spraying and How Does it Work

APL Lawn Spraying is a service that applies fertilizer, bug killer insecticides and weed killer herbicides to a St Augustine turf grass lawn

Chinch Bugs: What are Chinch Bugs How to Spot Chinch Bugs and How to Control Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are small bugs that live in St Augustine turf grass lawns. They cause dead patches of grass and grass with yellow leaves

Is there a better grass for a Lawn in Pinellas County than Floratam St Augustine?

Zoysia grass sod, St Augustine grass or Bahia grass? Which grass or sod is best to grow for lawns in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg, Seminole, FL

Sod Webworms are Active in Pinellas County and Causing Damage to St Augustine Grass Lawns

You can tell if you have Sod webworms in St Augustine grass lawns by looking for the chewed edges of the grass leaf and shorter grass in areas of your lawn

How the Fertilizer Ban Effects Lawn Spraying and St Augustine Turf Grass Lawns

No fertilizer ban in Pinellas County only a nitrogen blackout – no nitrogen can be  applied to St Augustine turf grass lawns from June 1 to Sept 31

Rain Washes Away Fertilizer Into Local Waters: Myth Debunked

Fertilizer applied to St Augustine grass lawns before a rain storm does not pollute water because fertilizer does not wash away or run off when it rains.

What is the Lawn Spraying Difference: TruGreen, Scotts and APL Lawn Spraying

Is Trugreen better or worse than other lawn spraying companies? Are there different mixes or are all lawn spraying companies the same?

What Do You Do?

APL Lawn Spraying applies fertilizers, insecticides to kill bugs and herbicides to kill weeds to your St Augustine grass lawn six (6) times per year

Yellow Spots and Streaks in St Augustine Turf Grass Lawn is Caused By Lack of Iron

What causes those lime green or yellow areas in your St Augustine Lawn? It is from a lack of iron. Learn how to fix it

Planting a Lawn with St Augustine Sod

How to plant your lawn using St Augustine grass sod by Rick Orr, agronomist

Why A St Augustine Lawn is a Good for You and Good for the Urban Environment

A  landscape should have 50% to 70% of the square footage planted in St Augustine turf grass sod lawn to cool and de-pollute air and water around the home

Homeowners Guide to Properly Caring for a St Augustine Lawn

Guide to best when and how to mow, water, apply fertilizer, apply bug killer insecticides and weed killer herbicides to your St Augustine grass lawn

Report: Sugarcane Mosaic Virus Infected St Augustine Turf Growing in Southern Pinellas County

Sugarcane Mosaic Virus (SMV)  attacks St Augustine turf grass lawns in Pinellas County, FL APL Lawn Spraying treats lawns with Sugarcane Mosaic Virus.